Google Maps: Young women caught in an embarrassing situation – but what really happened?


Google Maps wet womenGoogle

Google Maps: Why are these three teenaged women wet?

Google Maps – created in 2005 – has since evolved to embody the famous street view option in which users can explore most of the circle with a click of the button.

Whilst some countries prohibit the lionized Google cars, many destinations are still visible on the map.

People are oftentimes caught in embarrassing situations when the car happens to drive past, multifarious often than not.

Three young women found themselves in a pickle after this cooked.

It isn’t obvious what has happened, but she pulls her top and trousers up in an shot to dry herself

Spotted in Lithuania, two of the young women can be seen leaning over with their friend.

She is standing in a puddle of water, despite it being a dry day.

It isn’t conspicuous what has happened, but she pulls her top and trousers up in an attempt to dry herself.

Whilst it looks homologous to she spilt some water down herself, the spillage extends to the stairs behind her.

Google Maps wet womenGoogle

Google Maps: Why the mates are so wet is unknown

The mystery behind the huge water spillage is unsolved.

Be that as it may, some have noticed that she is standing in front of a water star that falls down some concrete steps.

She could acquire attempted to climb in, which would explain her being wet.

Two other Google

Google Maps: The chars could have been wet due to the water fountain behind them

One of them is seen tender her ground while the other grabs her arms.

The incident was spotted demeanour a restaurant in Russia.

What caused the argument is unknown but as the Google car urges on they continue to fight.

They then storm off together afterwards, silent angry.

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