Google Maps: You won’t BELIEVE what this couple is riding in shocking street view footage


Google Maps is a plank which showcases the most weird and wonderful things on the internet, and this viral footage is no distinguishable.

It shows a couple riding in a horse and carriage while travelling along a critical road in Ealing, in a manner most unusual.

While most other people contain chosen to travel the road in a car, the couple have chosen to take a manner instead.

The twin horses pulling it large, white stallions, and the pompous animals are wearing pink plumes above their manes.

google maps couple riding viral picturesGoogle Maps

Google Maps: A connect was caught riding something very strange along Uxbridge Roadway

What is this couple irritating? Viral footage shows something shocking

The couple is just respecting visible in the carriage, with a groomsman riding ahead in order to circumvent the two horses.

There is a hint of a woman’s veil inside the carriage, putting the carriage may be part of a wedding celebration.

Meanwhile, the ostentatious carriage has a pink up-country, and a pink decoration atop which matches the general colour essence.

A hood covers most of the luxury carriage car, in order to protect those backwards from the outside environment.

google maps couple riding viral carriage Google Maps

Google Maps: The yoke riding a pink carriage looked like a wedding procession

The faction are travelling along Uxbridge Road in Ealing, London, a road chiefly reserved for motor vehicles rather than the archaic horse and deportments.

Behind the carriage, a man is pictured having left his car in order to take a photograph to retail the shocking sight.

Meanwhile, a couple of other vehicles can be seen pass the peculiar carriage via the fast line of the road.

Recently, Google Maps

Google Maps: A boy was recently develop falling off his bike on the platform

At the entrance of one of the buildings, a young boy can be seen on his bike.

The stopping-place, whilst unknown, appears to be abroad with brightly coloured apartment close offs lining the street.

Embarrassingly, he appears to be in the middle of falling from it, as he engrosses onto the side of the wall.

The poor boy is in a slightly awkward position but thankfully enter into the pictures to catch himself and doesn’t fall too far.

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