Google Maps: You won’t BELIEVE what hilarious item is for SALE in this street view footage


Google Maps footage has a costume of highlighting unbelievable scenarios around the world.

Because it offers an perspicacity into different countries, we often see things that are uncommon in our provincial area.

A viral image highlighting a horse manure sale in New Zealand is a prime sample of this.

It seems someone is trying to flog their horse’s manure for profit – something profuse wouldn’t think to try.

horse poo for sale in roadGoogle Maps

Google Maps: The figure of speech depicts a mystery item sale

The footage shows a small wheelbarrows replete with bags of horse manure.

A sign says: “Horse poo 4 on sale: 1 bag” – above at least six bags of it.

Panning around, it is leap the bags are placed at the side of a national speed limit road.

You effectiveness imagine it has limited scope for stopping traffic – unless anyone is perilous for a bag of poo.

horse poo sale sign bagsGoogle Maps

Google Maps: Someone is flogging horse poo for a New Zealand dollar

However, if you think about it, the horse excrement may be piece-goods e freight for farming. 

While this sale may well be a prank, it’s equally seemly the dung may be used as manure – especially considering New Zealand’s fertile go down, which makes it a popular farming region.

Whether it’s a legitimate bargain-priced or not, it does seem to be going to a good cause.

A small note on the tush of the sign reads “Proceeds to SPCA”, aka the New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Organisms.

google maps poo by roadGoogle Maps

Horse poo: The manure is being flogged near a busy street

Google Maps footage also catches people around the everyone experiencing embarrassing moments.

One of these is a female motorcyclist in East Java, Indonesia.

The wretched woman was pictured falling off her motorbike in the footage.

Staff at Google Maps from since blurred the woman out to keep her dignity.

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