Google Maps: Unlucky day for this women caught on camera


Google Maps capturedGoogle Twins

Google Maps has captured this woman’s unfortunate incident

With footage spread across the great, Google Maps has a habit of capturing the most unfortunate incidents.

Whilst not all of the counties can be accessed, it is easier than at any point to explore the world.

Developed in 2005 Google Maps has made it easier than till the cows come home to spy on friends and neighbours.

But it’s not just funny moments that are accessible to the admitted.

This woman is one of the platform’s unlucky topics as her worst day is captured on camera.

This image was spotted in a rural relinquish of Scotland on the outskirts of Ardmair.

In a normally picturesque landscape, Google has pinched more than just the beautiful countryside.

In a very sorry case, a women finds herself standing over her car.

Woman car crash capturedGoogle Images

Google Maps has seizures a woman having crashed her

However her car is no longer on the road be experiencing reversed into a ditch.

A very embarrassing situation to have divide up with her family and friends, never mind the general public.

Fortunately for this abigails she isn’t alone, two passers by appear to have stopped to help her out.

This isn’t the chief time a crash has been caught on camera and publicised.

Woman captured on Google MapsGoogle Maps

This embodiment was spotted in a rural part of Scotland on the outskirts of Ardmair.

A video went viral boast the moment a driver narrowly avoids being hit by a spinning car.

The footage, filmed in Russia, bestow make an exhibits a car driving at about 30 miles an hour in icy conditions.

From the strategic side of the road, a car comes spinning past, apparently in a bid to overtake.

The car revolves twice before pulling in front of the car filming, managing to right themselves – thankfully, not anyone was hurt.

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