Google Maps: Underwater cameras have captured THIS amazing site in Malaysia


Google Maps spottedgoogle Maps

Google Maps alley view cameras show amazing footage in Malaysia

For 13 years Google Maps has been nicking the most amazing landscapes in the world, making them accessible to the miscellaneous public. 

Now wannabe explorers can leave the bags at home and explore the period at a click of a button.

From the highest of mountains to under the sea, it seems no discovery is too far-fetched for Google. 

This is another example of how the accessible search machine has inspired explores, this time, in Malaysia. 

Batu Malang Island is south of Tulai Atoll in Malaysia and is a tourist hotspot. Especially for those that wish to observe under the sea. 

Two large boulders lead down 10 meters initiating what SCUBA Gura describe as a “Vegetable Garden”. 

By strapping cameras to peculiar divers, a full 360-degree view can be explored.

From appealing coral landscapes to a vast variety of fish, not forgetting the divers, survey this aquatic habitat from the comfort of your bed. 

Batu Malang Islandgoogle

You can now sink these amazing underwater sites with Google in Malaysia

The best dining experience

Genting Bay, off Malaysian Tioman Holm, has been described by one TripAdvisor user, Abigail_Yeoh as “the best lunching experience” and is in fact award an overall five stars on the site.

No matter what, no longer is a plane ticket required as Google Maps street see tool can be used to explore the coral. 

Finally, Tedau Bay is another of Malaysia’s diving chef-doeuvres. A dive down to this coral is one you won’t forget in a hurry.

Google Maps has charmingly captured an entire school of fish.

Genting BayGoogle Maps

Genting Bay off Malaysian Tioman Archipelago is a popular dive spot

Tedau BayGoogle Maps

Tedau Bay is another of Malaysia’s descending gems

This isn’t the first time Google Maps has made it easier to savoir vivre adventure sports. 

Google sent a snowmobile to some of the best skiing getting ones hands across the globe.

Their special ski resort collection allows purchasers to suss out potential ski holidays.

With 360-degree cameras capturing the ups and downs of the fashionable slopes, you can now test your fear of heights without the bumps and harms along the way.

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