Google Maps Street View: Optical illusion goes viral but can you spot it?


Google Maps

Google Maps Lane View: Can you spot the optical illusion?

Google Maps Street Vision caught on camera a very confusing sight when driving entirely Brazil.

The car appears to be down a very quiet road, with a exuberant orange building and dilapidated shed.

A man with a bum bag and towel stares at the car as it pushes by.

The Google car also drives past a parked pick up truck that has been left by the driver.

Can you pick out the optical illusion in the scene?

The illusion makes it look as if like it is another car parked behind it makes a confusing image

The pick-up stuff has what appears to be a large mirror in the back of it.

It is slightly broken, with dejected parts and a brown bag holding it together with string.

It reflects the Google car and take hold ofs it while driving past.

The illusion makes it seem like it is another car parked behind it fashions a confusing image.

The man inside the car seems oblivious he has been caught on camera.

Google Maps

Google Maps Avenue View: A mirror captured the car as it drove past

There also plains to be a person in the back, who seems to be a young boy.

A Google Street View driver has earlier explained how they are often temporary drivers.

They told Vehicle that they don’t have any images to share from the car as they “don’t put up with you to keep your phone on you”.

The driver also explained how easily they can be join cohered on a one-way street or dead end, thanks to using GPS.

However, the Brazil optical fantasy is hardly the first time a confusing image has been captured by the Google Lane View car.

Google Maps

Google Maps Street View: The evolving image is a confusing sight

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