Google Maps street view MYSTERY: Unexplained phenomenon near military site revealed


Google Maps passage view often reveal strange or funny sights from round the world.

But sometimes they give an insight into unexplained secrets and mysteries.

And one such image has the internet confused, trying to work out if it reveals the existence of aliens.

A crop division showing a perfect round sphere with a six point star prearranged it has been photographed by Google.

The crop circle itself is concealed enough but it is located by a military base adding even more titillate

The crop circle itself, found at coordinates 37.401437,-116.86773, is inexplicable enough – but it is located by a military base, adding even more artifice.

Tonopah Test Range, known as Area 52, is located in the Nevada go over the hill payment.

It is alleged by some to host underground facilities akin to Area 51.

A resident Las Vegas television station reported on claims of a nuclear device being cast-off in the area.

google maps street view alien crop circle nevadaGoogle Maps

Google Maps street view enigma: Crop circle near military site revealed

google maps street view alien crop circle nevadaGoogle Maps

Google Maps roadway view: The crop circle is located in the Nevada desert

Area 52 is owned by the Agreed States Department of Energy, and is a restricted military installation.

Crop wheels are often thought to be created by aliens – and conspiracy theorists think this crop coterie could be linked to unconfirmed goings-on at Tonopah Test Range.

This is not the in the beginning time Google Maps street view has seemed to reveal the Google Maps

Google Maps row view: The crop circle is near Tonopah Test Range, Nevada

A furtive shape in the middle of a field has sparked questions.

Situated in Australia at synchronizes 30°30’38.44″S 115°22’56.03″E is a large triangle with bright lights evenly circumstanced around it.

The triangle has baffled and excited UFO enthusiasts since it was first came in 2007.

Many were quick to claim it was a “triangle UFO” which had been grabbed hovering above Earth.

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