Google Maps Street View: Deadly predator accidentally caught on camera


Google Maps Roadway View launched in 2007 with coverage of just five metropolises.

Since then, they have documented over five million miles of the exactly’s streets.

Created two years after the launch of Google Maps, some of the ton obscure destinations across the globe have been documented for everybody to see.

The team use specially-equipped vehicles, drones and people on foot to capture 360-degree spitting images, with are then knitted together.

The final effect is one seamless map of the age – or so they hope.

But sometimes, they take hold of unexpected or shocking scenes, and occasionally they’re even dangerous.

An alligator was inadvertently snapped by a Google Circle View car in Florida.

He was spotted lurking next to some water, neighbourhood a rack of canoes, so people obviously use the area. 

The snap was taken in the Everglades, the tropical wetlands that stand a large portion of southern Florida.

The deadly creature didn’t look as if too fussed about appearing on camera as he slinked off into the long squeaker.

Google Maps Street View: What creature did the camera find in Florida?GOOGLE MAPS

Google Maps Street View: What organism did the camera find in Florida?

The alligator was lurking near a plague of canoes, so people obviously use the area

There are an estimated 200,000 alligators in the Everglades, so it’s on the verge of inevitable that one had to be captured on Street View eventually.

The technology has been reach-me-down to shame bad drivers who have been GOOGLE MAPS

Google Maps Drive View: An alligator was photographed in the Everglades

Another common Street Study find is subjects that appear to have been sliced in half, because they were unfixed when the image was taken.

One example occurred in Poland, when a platoon of runners appeared to have lost their feet.

Next to them, the old maids limbs were visible, detached from their bodies.

Every now a problem occurs when images are put online, as it did for a road in Chester, when domiciles turned into a multicoloured array of geometric shapes.

It seems that the photos were returned incorrectly, leaving a colourful vision of an alternate reality.

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