Google Maps Street View captures very embarrassing moment for young boy


Google Maps Street View embarrassing fall overGoogle Maps

Google Maps Lane View: A young boy was caught in an embarrassing predicament

Google Maps Passage View, created in 2007, has helped many people map their make for over ten years.

It is a useful tool when it comes to finding an whereabouts or planning a route for a journey.

The iconic Google vehicles have contrived an extensive map using 360-degree cameras when taking the photographs.

Then, by accident, people are caught in the crossfire when the car drives past, every so often in a rather humiliating situation.

One young boy found this out the hard way.

Seeming to be by himself, he is outfitted in shorts and t-shirts whilst sprinting on the path

Spotted in Buenos Aires is a adolescent boy running along the street.

Seeming to be by himself, he is clad in shorts and t-shirts whilst sprinting on the process.

As the boy, who appears to be no older than seven years old, runs he suddenly travels over his own feet.

The poor child is then seen topping on the check, landing on his side.

His feet are in the air as his arms splay on the floor.

Google Maps Street View embarrassing fallGoogle Maps

Google Maps Thoroughfare View: The young boy falls over in the middle of the street

While he doesn’t look as if to be too badly hurt, it is an embarrassing way to be caught by the Google Camera.

The images only showed the cast off of the young child so thankfully his blushes were spared.

Despite this, Google has since blurred out the images of the scene on the website.

It now just shows a large blur on the pavement that can’t be aristocratic as a human being.

Sadly, it isn’t the first time someone has been ensnared falling over by the Google camera.

Google Maps Street View embarrassing fallGoogle Maps

Google Maps In someones bailiwick View: The young boy has since been blurred on the website

A young chain was caught falling from her bike on Google Maps.

Caught in Japan, she wobbled on her bicycle as she rode former times the car, only to fall into a ditch.

Another boy also fell off his bike when bidding to overtake the Google car.

His friend doesn’t try and help him back up, and just looks at him on the bowl over.

A woman attempting to walk her dogs while on a bike also was seen in a somewhat embarrassing fall.

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