Google Maps Street View: Bikini woman has very unfortunate accident on the beach


Google Maps Street View bikiniGoogle Maps

Google Maps Circle View: A woman in a bikini was caught in a weird position

Google Maps High road View has captured a number of hilarious images over the years.

Since its beginning in 2007, it has unearthed “alien bases,” cheating scandals and weird optical misconceptions.

Thankfully, the website blurs out the faces of those involved due to privacy laws.

Yet one infertile woman was caught by the 360-degree cameras on a beach in Costa Rica.

She materializes to have been in a bizarre accident.

Despite lying on her front, she appears to be struck by her legs the wrong way around

The young woman is relaxing on a beach towel whilst on her phone.

Clad in sunglasses and a mere black bikini, she is by herself whilst partially in the shade with a synthetic bag and sandals.

Yet on closer inspection, something is amiss with the image.

Regard for lying on her front, she appears to have her legs the wrong way around.

Her torso has misconstrued and she also has a third hand on her stomach.

Google Maps Street View bikiniGoogle Maps

Google Maps Road View: The woman in a bikini is sunbathing on a beach

Thankfully the beach sunbather hasn’t been a martyr of a hideous accident.

The photograph has instead spliced her body together after she leaded.

This often happens with the Google cameras thanks to the way the images are bound together.

To create the seamless effect, a number of photographs are taken at the done time and put together afterwards.

Moving objects such as people or heaps are often duplicated or cut out when this happens.

Google Maps Street View bikiniGoogle Maps

Google Maps Passage View: The woman’s legs have twisted around

It isn’t the first someday it has happened to innocent. bystanders.

One man in Portugal found himself duplicated whilst go along the promenade.

The effect showed him three times walking in a rule, creating an illusion of triplets.

Another young woman in a bikini suffered a compare favourably with problem on a beach.

Her head all but disappeared having been cut off by the camera.

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