Google Maps: Pilot caught doing THIS in a plane at the airport


Google Maps street viewGoogle/Getty

Google Maps: A wheelman was caught doing this in a plane in Poland

Google Maps – fashioned in 2007 – has captured images from all around the world in a bid to open it up to every one.

It has yet to explore some parts of the world such as North Korea and Bhutan, due to uncompromising laws within the countries.

Many eagle-eyed users spot some baffling random scenes that are taken by the 360-degree cameras, much to their distraction.

They often arise thanks to the iconic car being noticed by passersby.

One pilot apparently spotted the car and wanted to gain some fame

The Roadway View car was in the presence of airport workers as it drove through Copernicus Airport in Wroclaw, Poland.

Wings such as Enter Air and Ryanair are on the tarmac whilst ground crew care the planes.

One pilot apparently saw the car and wanted to gain some fame when being on Google Maps.

He is seen tendency out of the cockpit and waving at the car.

Google Maps street viewGoogle

Google Maps: A pilot can be seen bias out of his cockpit window and waving

Thankfully, the plane is still being cleaned and refuelled, so the run appeared to be off-duty.

People often try and find themselves on Google Maps by posing for the cameras.

Innumerable often than not, they are caught unawares and sometimes in an embarrassing site.

One man on a scooter was caught ogling a young woman on Google

Google Maps: Thankfully the guide was waiting for the plane to be refueled

A confusing situation was caught by Google Maps with what surfaced to be a ghostly figure roaming the streets of Romania.

The body was dressed all in deathly white from head to toe as it crossed the road.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a paranormal mundane at all.

It was actually a stylish old lady who was dressed all in white, with white skin of ones teeth and white shoes to match.

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