Google Maps leaves man red-faced after it catches him doing THIS on camera


Google Maps avenue view car was travelling through the region of Catania, Sicily, when it photographed the concern.

The image shows an older man riding along the road on a scooter.

But slightly than watching the road, his head is turned and his eyes are firmly concentrated on something else.

Notwithstanding approaching a junction, the man looks back to look at a pretty blonde number walking along the pavement.

Appearing not to awareness the man on the scooter staring at her, the woman looks straight ahead

Appearing not to see the man on the scooter staring at her, the woman looks straight ahead.

The image was captivated in 2009, and recently went viral when it surfaced again online.

Commenters saw the wisecracks in the image, with one saying: “Haha. That’s funny.”

Another canceled: “Ahahahaha it’s obvious that we are in Italy, Southern Italy for sure!”

google maps street view caught on camera italyGoogle Maps

Google Maps Boulevard View caught one man out when it photographed him doing something cheeky

google map street view caught on camera italyGoogle Maps

Google Maps Drive View shows the man looking back to stare at the woman rather than the French autoroute

Google Maps may appear to capture everything, but there are some places on Blue planet their cameras have not been able to get to.

One such place is now workable to look at after locals found an ingenious way to film their courtyard.

The Faroe Islands, located between the Shetlands, Iceland and Norway, from previously been avoided by Google Maps.

Local residents, after signing a supplicate, then decided to create their own version of Google Maps advantaging cameras mounted to sheep to capture images of the island, calling it Google Maps

Google Maps Byway someones cup of tea View shows the man is approaching a junction, so he should be concentrating

Whilst curious, there are more sheep on the island than the 50,451 people current there, having once been called Sheep Island.

They are also adept to scale cliff tops much easier than humans or square the Google Maps car can.

Durita Dahl Andreassen from Visit Faroe Holms was behind the Sheep View 360, as she hoped to put the beautiufl location actually on the map.

Guðrið Højgaard, Director of Visit Faroe Islands, reacted by judge: “We’re so thrilled that we succeeded in getting Google Street View to be brought up to the Faroe Islands by creating our own Sheep View.”

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