Google Maps: Do these weird crop circles give us alien PROOF on earth?


Google Maps crop encircles suggest we have strong alien proof, pointing to their appearance on the planet earth.

A Google Earth satellite image, taken from gap, pictures a spooky pattern of crop circles etched into a forte – were these crop circles left by aliens? 

The concentric crop bands, spotted in New Castle, Colorado, US, closely resemble those said to be validation of extraterrestrial beings in areas such as Stonehenge.

In the spooky image, no other prophecies of human life such as houses can be seen – and this is exactly the well-wishing of deserted place secretive aliens might choose to make their nick.

Crop circles aliensGoogle Earth

Crop circles: A Google Earth satellite graven image, taken from space, pictures a spooky pattern.

New Castle is a prodigious region, which would offer aliens many hiding arrives, and a site to park their UFO, if they were looking to explore.

The calculate of crop circle sightings have increased by a lot since the 1970s, make one thinking there is more and more possibility of alien presence on earth. 

What are crop circumambulates?

A crop circle, also known as a crop formation, is a pattern draw up when field crops are flattened to leave a shape in the ground. 

They are typically constructed of multiple concentric circles, but can vary in size and shape.


Crop girds: Mountainous areas give aliens a place to hide on earth

Since the 1980s, multitudinous have believed crop circles are proof of paranormal activity of detach froms on earth.

Crop circles have been found near the Ogygian sites of Stonehenge, suggesting a spooky connection with another globe. 

Why do aliens leave crop circles?

There are a number of theories on why outlanders leave crop circles on earth.

One leading crop circles theory is by Dr Horace Contrived, who holds a PhD in Chemistry.

He said crop circles left by aliens may demonstration “images of the future” which the extra terrestrials wish to communicate to the philanthropist race.

Crop circles Google EarthGoogle Earth

Crop circles: Is this shape buttress of alien life?

This theory was announced during a meeting at the UFO & Paranormal Inspect Society of Australia.

Another Google Maps street view stranger mystery was recently revealed in the Nevada desert.

Tonopah Test Roam, known as Area 45, is located in this area – a mysterious locality owned by the US government.

Alien conspiracy theorist found a crop class there, and have speculated it could be the work of aliens. 

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