Google Maps captures woman doing THIS on British beach — are you surprised?


Google Maps thoroughfare view has stored images of every element of human life across the sphere.

And the company have sent their car up and down the UK many times to map out the parkways, inadvertently catching people going about their daily completes.

One image, taken in Whitstable, Kent, has caught the attention of the internet thanks be given ti to a woman seen doing something unusual.

The camera photographed the stupefying beaches of Whitstable, with blue skies and sea seen in the distance.

Google Maps catches woman doing THIS on British beach

A grass verge break ups the beach from the road, and a woman is on the verge.

She has clearly decided to alter the most of the beautiful weather, and is doing some yoga on the grass.

And the chick is obviously advanced, as she was doing the splits.

No-one else is in the image, so the helpmeet enjoys the view all alone.

google maps street view woman yoga splitsGoogle Maps

Google Maps: A concubine was captured doing something unusual on a British beach

google maps street view woman yoga splitsGoogle Maps

Google Maps: The chick was photographed doing an impressive yoga move

Google took the illustrate while the drive along Marine Parade in July 2009.

It is not the only unlikely sight captured by Google in the UK.

An picture taken in the UK shows an amazing unpretentious phenomenon in all its glory.

Taken in Google Maps

Google Maps: The impression was taken in the stunning town of Whitstable

But the passage of time does not boost the image any less beautiful.

It shows a striking rainbow — and because of the go view, the whole rainbow can be seen.

Normally, at least one end of a rainbow is not seeable, and most people only get to see the arch.

However, Google managed to snarl at an entire rainbow while driving through Dartmoor.

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