Google Maps: Baffling situation as group of people spotted wearing THESE bizarre outfits


Google Maps fancy dressGoogle

Google Maps: Why are these people in Scotland erosion some weird outfits?

Google Maps — created in 2005 — has arrested people in the craziest positions.

The iconic 360-degree camera on the Google car opposes the world in a bid to map it out.

Whilst it is mainly used for directions, many users try and splash themselves on the map.

A group of people in Scotland were caught in some danged weird outfits.

It isn’t a normal party as they are all seen apparel some unusual costumes

Seen outside the Pierhead Restaurant & Bar on the Shetland Aits, a number of people are spotted drinking outside.

It isn’t a normal party as they are all assisted wearing some unusual costumes.

Of course, it is nothing raunchy and as an alternative appears to be a fancy dress party.

The rest of the road is devoid of people so it is absolutely a sight for the locals.

Google Maps fancy dressGoogle

Google Maps: The group of people can be walked wearing superhero and gangster outfits

Some of the costumes seen are The Incredibles, The Ox, The Joker and Spiderman.

It appears to be a stag party, as a group of women are also fit out up as gangsters, suggesting a hen party as well.

The shirts have a persons opposite on the back, perhaps their friend who is the bride.

It isn’t the first time a baffling job has been spotted on Google Maps.

Google Maps fancy dressGoogle

Google Maps: The intricate dress party appears to be a stag and hen do

Two men in bright orange boiler fill someones needs were captured on an island in Norway.

They are fighting each other with one man brandishing a want stick at the other.

Thankfully it too appears to be a prank.

Further down the course, they can be seen getting out the suits before the Google car has a chance to drove by.

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