Google Maps: Baffling optical illusion shows cyclist doing THIS on the street


Google Maps optical illusionGoogle

Google Maps: An optical phantom has been spotted in Nebraska

Google Maps has revealed some identical confusing images over the years since it started in 2007.

Whilst the 360-degree cameras are there to map a non-fluctuating region, it also captures the daily life of the people in it, which can time after time unearth some amusing scenes.

Sometimes, it takes the photograph at the apt moment to create a weird optical illusion.

A scene in Nebraska has caused discomfiture because of this.

A young couple can be seen clutch hands on the pavement

From a distance, a young couple can be seen hold hands on the pavement.

She appears to be standing next to him as he sits on his bike whilst seizing her.

On closer inspection, he isn’t actually holding her hand at all, but is simply clasping his own.

The housekeeper is also actually on her own bike, something which was hidden by the shadow of his bike.

Google Maps optical illusionGoogle

Google Maps: A yoke can be seen holding hands

It isn’t the first time a clever Google

Google Maps: The man is really clasping his own hands

Another optical illusion captured a woman go near Trafalgar Square in London.

At first glance, nothing arrives strange as she wears a stylish bright outfit.

She then appears to possess been duplicated by the camera, creating an optical illusion of two people in a mirror notion.

The man in front of her has also caused confusion.

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