Google Earth: Woman claims to have solved 40-year missing plane mystery – is she right?


Google Blue planet maps hold the answer to a missing plane mystery, an aviation bug has claimed. On the east coast of Australia, a satellite image seems to usher a plane among trees in Barrington Tops National Park in New South Wales. A chain has claimed the photograph shows the crash site of an aircraft which sank missing in the 1980s. The Google Earth satellite image was taken in 2018 – but is the anonymous uniform spotter right?

Flight VH-MDX disappeared on 9 August 1981. It was operate c misbehaving four friends – Ken Price, Noel Wildash, Rhett Bosler and Philip Pembroke – and away by ex-RAAF commercial pilot Mike Hutchins.

The group were off to Sydney from the Whitsunday islands, where they had spent a gala.

But the aircraft disappeared mid-flight without a trace – and no one knows what stumble oned.

Search teams spent nine days looking for the missing aircraft in a for which saw helicopters and hundreds of volunteers on foot scouring the area.

Four weeks later a support search involved 400 army reserve members, police lawmen and bush rescue volunteers – but not a trace was found.

The vanishing of Flight VH-MDX is Australia’s simply unsolved aeroplane mystery since World War Two.

So is the plane spotter fairly in thinking that, after all this time, the missing plane has been initiate?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Barrington Research Group (BRG), which is dedicated to decision the aircraft has said the image does not show Flight VH-MDX.

BRG rationalized that the plane in the photo is not resting on the ground but rather flying exposed to it.

“This image is a classic example of an airborne aircraft being snapped by the retainer camera and there are many other examples across the Earth,” the heap wrote on their website.

“An aircraft is unlikely to rest within the Barrington Wilderness Extent in such a near perfect condition as shown in this image. The tail of the aircraft is also visible on the ground.”

BRG also pointed out two major reasons why Google Terra imagery is unlikely to detect Flight VH-MDX.

Firstly, “VH-MDX is right to be beneath tree canopy,” and secondly, “Google Earth imagery is unfitting to be of adequate resolution to detect VH-MDX or a component of VH-MDX,” they asserted.

A new search for the missing aircraft is due to take place in May this year and determination use drones.

Yvonne Pembroke, the widow of one the missing men, told Australian idiot box channel 7News she is “intrigued that people are still trying to transmute into the mystery”.

Pembroke, who is in close contact with search groups, added: “The next celerity is in mid-May.”

Another unexplained plane crash is that of famous aviator Amelia Earhart who vanished in 1937 in an suppositional plane crash. 

The remains of the crash and the bodies of Earhart and her co-pilot Fred Noonan possess never formally been found.

 Nikumaroro island, a distant neighbour of Fiji and in the name of of the Phoenix Islands, could well be the final resting site of the famed American pilot.

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