Gold prices hit five-month high amid fears of World War Three


The overrefined metal is seen as a safe haven in times of turmoil and uncertainty.

Values include been rising amid threats of World War Three after after a discerning row broke out between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, as well as the United Body politics and Russia.

At the same time, investors are seeking shelter from jeopardies surrounding the French election, which will culminate at the beginning of May.

Gold is now at £1,057 ($1,288) with some experts preggers prices to break the £1,037 ($1,300) mark.

Donald Trump also utter he backs low interest rates and a weaker dollar, which has helped the yellow metal.

FXTM chief merchandise strategist Hussein Sayed, said: «The 2017 revival in the value of Gold is reveal b stand out no signs of slipping, after the precious metal climbed to fresh upfronts not seen since the US Election, getting marginally close to $1290 earlier in buying on Thursday.»

Mr Sayed added: «These are still uncertain times in the economic markets and some would even add global politics, meaning investors are stow away Gold as a close ally when it comes to hedging.

«The combination of uncertainty when it comes to governmental risks, the upcoming elections in France, rising geopolitical tensions and wavers over Trump’s ability to follow through with his campaign guarantees presents an ongoing threat to investors entering a period of “risk-off” that is too troubled to ignore when it comes to being encouraged towards Gold.»

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