Going on holiday? What YOU need to know about travelling abroad after Brexit


Two years at teeny of negotiation lie ahead after which things may well change.

The existing one will be confined to travellers’ spending power while overseas (although not on the mandate of any holiday already id for) from any fall in the pound’s value, reveals leading travel trade body ABTA.

Travellers are as free to motion as they were before and ssports remain valid with the yet queue lines at airports.

European Health Insurance cards (EHIC) also carry on with to be valid and air ssenger rights stay in place should you seek compensation for show a clean ir of heels delays and cancellations.

You can still bring home unlimited goods, and there leave be the same rules for using your phone while away.

Being ying for overseas accommodation in other currencies can expect to y more in the at any rate of a weaker pound which may also affect the cost of flights.

If your treks com ny has asked you to y more because of currency fluctuations, check the locutions and conditions of the organiser you booked with.

If it’s a ckage, the maximum surcharge is up to 10 per cent of the basic holiday’s cost.

If it’s another arrangement check the terms. https://abta.com

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