'Go f**k yourself' The Chase player gets 'frosty reception' from team after swiping £3,000


Notwithstanding earning £5,000 in her respectable cash builder, the player opted for the lowest put on the market on the table, which deducted the hefty lump sum from the group’s utter prize fund.

Of course, Emma confidently strode through her head-to-head against Appraise a write down ‘The Beast’ Labbett to make it through to the final chase, but even crowd Bradley Walsh teased she was met with a “frosty reception” from her three teammates when she benefited to her seat.

Bizarrely, after she pleaded with Dot to take a gamble with the considerable of £40,000, she admitted: “I wish I was confident to go for the higher offer.”

Putting, Dot hit back: “I’d never take the lower offer.”

Sadly, her determination proved futile as Dot was knocked out by The Beast as Emma, Fergus and Matt battled it out for £10,000.

Viewers denounced the elimination as “unfair”, pulling their hair out as Emma drifted through to the next round while Dot was sent cking.

“So unfair that Emma is owing to but Dot isn’t… ahh man she was so cute and didn’t go for the lower offer ugh!” moaned one disgruntled critic, as another concurred: “Oh Dot, leaves with nothing but her dignity. I do hope seat three up-anchors with nothing, certainly not her dignity.”

One more barked: “One diverse Dot going home, but basically it’s all Emma’s fault,” while this audience associate followed: “Gutted for Dot. She deserves to be there much more than Emma.”

A fifth discharged: “Tough luck Dot – At least you can look yourself in the mirror.”

This very enraged fan of the quiz show, screamed: “Dot is out and Emma is through – there is no the police.”

Regardless, Mark lived up to his self-proclaimed reputation as “the most consistent Chaser” there is, and caught the together’s 16 steps with just three seconds to s re.

Bradley later ribbed: “All we needed was Dot.”

Unsurprisingly, the team’s failure weighed on Emma’s elbows, according to the backlash on Twitter, with one social media user effective the player to “go f**k yourself”.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV1.

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