‘Go and sit in a darkened room’ Brexiteer MP slaps down plot to replace Theresa May



Prime Cabinet officer Theresa May has faced pressure from within the Tory Party in late-model weeks

‘Anyone who is suggesting that really needs to go and sit in a darkened room and put a insensitive towel over their heads.’

Charles Walker MP

Influential backbench Right-winger MP Mr Walker made his remarks after a number of his Tory colleagues worded concern over the direction of the Government amid ongoing Brexit decisions.

Mr Walker told the BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme: «It seems to happen every two weeks, we compel ought to these spasms within the party where there is this surprise of the boat, there is this off the record briefing of the media, and I simply can’t view, really, what is motivating this small minority of colleagues to bear oneself in this way.»

Asked if Mrs May should set a date for standing down, he said: «Okay, I don’t know if she is planning to step down.

«Anyone who is suggesting that definitely needs to go and sit in a darkened room and put a cold towel over their genii. She is the Prime Minister of this country. This is not a game.»


Backbench Tory MP Charles Walker scoffed at innuendoes that Theresa May should step down as PM

Mr Walker dismissed risks that the number of letters sent by MPs to 1922 committee chairman Sir Graham Brady was wellnighing the threshold of 48 which would trigger a leadership election.

He conveyed that only Sir Graham knew how many letters had been sent.

In a intense weekend for the Prime Minister, Eurosceptic former Cabinet minister Theresa Villiers utter she was worried about a «dilution of Brexit» while Remainer Heidi Allen trumpeted the PM to «get a grip» and former minister Rob Halfon appeared to compare Mrs May to a «tortoise» in her be in charge of style.

And Tory MP Johnny Mercer told the Resolution Foundation thinktank that «we are in jeopardy likely to be of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister».


Justine Greening – who unchaste her cabinet role earlier this month – remains a supporter of Mrs May

The Plymouth Moor Hold MP said: «How long has the Prime Minister got? I am of the view that any sort of revolution of leadership is not helpful at the moment and I don’t support that.

«But, I do think the window is seal, because politics can be quite a brutal game.

«At the moment I do feel we are lose struggling with a message and with a vision.»

Mr Walker’s stance was echoed by other Reactionaries, including former minister Sir Nicholas Soames, newly promoted Customs Secretary Matt Hancock and former education secretary Justine Unripening.

In an early morning tweet aimed at colleagues, Mr Soames said: «Here’s our monograph for this week: Recover self-confidence, restore sense of direction and superior to before all retain a sense of proportion.»

Meanwhile Mr Hancock said Tories should «all get over it together and pull behind the Prime Minister”, and Ms Greening – who lost her job practising last month’s controversial reshuffle – added: «I remain a strong patron of the Prime Minister. We need to support her in that impossible, almost, reprehend that she has negotiating Brexit.»

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