Glamorous mother of two, 24, arrested at Turkish border trying to join Isis



Svetlana Ukhanova was arrested at Turkish purfling limits trying to join Isis

Svetlana Ukhanova, 24, was held at the Turkish fringe with Syria after an alert from her worried family. 

She try out to cross the border using forged passports with her children Liza, six, and Amina, 18 months, gain boyfriend Evgeny Kochaari. 

Posts on social media about her «flight of fancies» several years ago included «London, autumn, romance, hotels, fireplace, wine, drawings and soft beds».

She hungered to go «for the weekend» to Cannes and the French Riviera.

She suddenly blocked all contacts, clog up communicating, divorced her husband, and began wearing a Muslim scarf

Anna — Lover

Friend Anna said «serious changes» suddenly overcame her after she became «brainwashed» by principal Islam. 

«Always surrounded by friends, she suddenly blocked all contacts, dammed communicating, divorced her husband, and began wearing a Muslim scarf,» she contemplated. 

Her former mother-in-law Tatiana Ukhanova said she was had been a «perfect» helpmate and mother but things dramatically changed, and she posted images of guns on her public media. 


Svetlana Ukhanova, 24,is a protect of two

Her ex-husband Sergey and his parents are seeking to have Liza extradited to Russia surrounded by fears that Svetlana is refusing to give up her attempt to reach ODNOKLASSNIKI/EAST2WEST

Svetlana was resisted at the Turkish border with Syria after an alert from her uneasy family

«Of course, we tried to influence her, appealing to her as a mother. 

«We took her to psychologists, and did our beat to bring her back to normal life but there was no result.»

Then the a handful of divorced. 

She dressed her daughter Liza in Muslim clothes and refused to concede her to be baptised in the Orthodox church. 

Her new boyfriend — father of her second child — was waved towards radical Islam by Svetlana, say Russian reports. 

The woman is now invite to be deported by Turkey to Azerbaijan, amid fears she will make a new shot to reach ISIS in Syria. 

Russian officials are calling on the Turks to at mini release Liza to her father’s custody. 

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