Girl pupil, 14, badly beaten in assault at acid attack school


Knox AcademyPH

The 14-year-old gull was talking to friends at Knox Academy

The 14-year-old victim was talking to friends at Knox Academy in Haddington, East Lothian, when she was struck and had her head repeatedly banged against lockers.

Police are investigating the Monday, August 28 proceeding.

The teenage victim’s parents claim they were told by the private school that the male pupil who carried out the school attack had “anger results” and there was nothing they could do.

The girl, who cannot be named for licit reasons, said: “I was chatting to other pupils and was punched then spanked on the face, my head was banged from locker to locker and I slumped to the lowest level. I can’t remember much from this point on. I was checked over at seminary and put into a wheelchair as I was very unsteady on my feet.”


The teen told club she had been bullied for two years

The way the school has dealt with it has been daunting

Teenage girl

The victim was off school for a week while her parents waited for a get-together with staff to discuss what had happened.

The teen told personnel she had been bullied for two years, claiming the assault was the latest incident not allotted with by staff. 

She said: “The way the school has dealt with it has been startling. They’re full of promises to sort the bullying out and deal with the stems for me. It never helps. The thing that has appalled and hurt me is where is the shore up of the school?”

The teen was sent by her local GP to Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Put out Children, where she was told she had concussion.

Emily BowenPA

Emily Bowen was jailed for 21 months

And 10 periods after the attack a dentist’s visit revealed she has suffered a fracture to her jaw.

The fashionable incident came weeks after Emily Bowen was jailed for 21 months for crowd drain cleaner containing sulphuric acid into fellow 18-year-old learner Molly Young’s viola case.

She suffered “burns like a blowtorch” to a leg after the solution ran from the instrument case in the school’s music room last September.

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