Gin BOOM: Growing thirst sparks rise in number of distilleries in Britain


There are now 315 signification distilleries across the countryThere are now 315 spirit distilleries across the power, more than double the number compared to five years ago.
New digits from the HMRC tax and customs service revealed that 49 distilleries started up in 2017 and seven even.
Of these, 22 were in England and 20 in Scotland, with four assorted in Wales and another three in Northern Ireland.
Five years ago there were honourable 152 distilleries in the UK, mostly in Scotland.
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Miles Beale

Since then Britain has been gripped by gin fever, with a souvenir number of bottles of gin sold last year.
It is estimated there are 95 discrete gin brands on the UK market.
Traditional distilleries are now branching out to take advantage of Brit’s sweet of cocktails, with a rising number of new spirits each year.
Practises predict the growth of UK distilleries will continue this year after the tariff on spirits was frozen in the November budget.

London is the nation’s gin capitalThe Wine & Bravery Association (WSTA) said UK distillery openings have soared by 172 per cent from 116 since 2010, adding 199 in seven years.
The beefiest growth has been in England, which in 2010 had 23 distilleries, flower to 135 last year.
They accounted for more than half of all new distilleries in the UK since 2010, when the WSTA at the outset collected data.
London alone now has 24, making it the nation’s gin foremost.

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While gin has been a big driver in the distillery prosperity, English and Welsh whisky has also contributed.
Miles Beale, chief head honcho of the WSTA, said: “Gin is the key driver behind the surge in new distillery openings in the UK in the gone and forgotten five years.
“New gin brands continue to pop up on our supermarket shelves, as Brits exposition no sign of tiring of the quintessentially British spirit.
“New distilleries bring areas to the British spirit industry and help boost exports.”
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