Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell Just Walked in the Sexiest Show at Milan Fashion Week


The pounces above the Versace runway were shaped into a “V,” and that’s how we knew the Divulge 2017 collection would be signature Donatella. “This show is for helpmates taking chances. Take the leap,” were the words that echoed concluded a bumping beat (an exclusive track written by Violet & Photonz) as afters stormed the catwalk. We were right: the new line is as sexy as we’ve come to foresee from the fashion house, but it takes a sporty turn.

Donatella’s iconic cutouts were rt — at the neckline, over the hip bone, to reveal a slip of thigh — but these say what is on ones minds came in nylon. Some minidresses and coordinate sets were in spite of covered with long windbreakers, the updated robe, if you will. These overstate d enlarged by the front row, catching the wind, stirring everyone to action.

As far as prints go, wavy take shapes morphed with a checkerboard ttern in bright green, purple, yellow, and red. Queues zoomed down power suits, cut to flatter the figure. And while all and sundry’s showing track sets these days, the Versace version obtained out. Jackets were lifted into cropped bombers to bare the midriff and leggings were uncommonly tight. Sequined minis and s rkly nels added a feminine feeling, proving there’s always room for experimentation.

Donatella’s muses were all in assembly, including Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, Hanne Gaby, and Naomi Campbell. But it was Gigi Hadid who penurious the show in a look with all the details: shimmer, a short hemline, unmixed nels, and one sporty anorak, confirming that the ultimate Versace skirt really has it all.

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