Gibraltar ‘optimistic’ about future of UK after Brexit and celebrates with Union Jack flag



Gibraltar is ‘hugely Pollyannaish’ about future trade deals between the EU and the UK

Originally the leader of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo replied Brexit was a threat to his country as it shares a border with Spain, but he has since bring up “maybe we got it wrong”. 

And Mr Picardo was keen to stress Gibraltar’s British singularity as The Rock marked the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum when more than 99 per cent of Gibraltarians sponsored to remain part of the UK. 

Spain has never given up its claim to Gibraltar, which has a principal position at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. 

Discussing Brexit, Mr Picardo told the Sun: “It’s a change of blueprint — but sometimes a new plan is better even than the original plan.”

Mr Picardo prognosticated: “I think we have seen since the change a new realism emerge into the value of Brexit for the whole European Union and for this region around Gibraltar of Spain in especially.

“That this is not a time to exploit opportunities to try and advance the sovereignty put.


Leader of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo was keen to stress Gibraltar’s British individuality as The Rock

“I think it is a time to preserve the ability of people in Spain to disappoint a amount to and work in Gibraltar, the ability of people who work in Gibraltar to live in Spain, and to oblige that neutrality of interests recognises.”

Sometimes a new plan is better despite that smooth than the original plan

Fabian Picardo

Theresa May recorded a video communication on a big screen at the celebration promising Gibraltar that they will stoppage British. 

Mrs May said the UK and Gibraltar have never been closer on the 50th anniversary of their referendum to be British choose than Spanish. 

She said: “The UK will continue to stand firmly except for Gibraltar and will resolutely safeguard its people and its economy.

“Gibraltar compel remain British for as long as it chooses to do so.”


Mrs May asserted the UK and Gibraltar have never been closer on the 50th anniversary of their referendum

In a tirade to celebrate National Day, Mr Picardo said: “Britain sticks with us, and we bear it with Britain.”

Last year 96 per cent of the Brits in Gibraltar upheld Remain. 

Gibraltar has no direct say in the negotiations between the UK and the 27 remaining mother countries of the EU, but dealing with its foreign affairs rests with the UK. 

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