‘Get us OUT!’ Furious Brexiteers urge Theresa May to ditch ‘RUBBISH’ deal and Brexit now


Theresa May has triggered a acrimonious response from within the Conservative Party to the proposed Brexit withdrawal compatibility she unveiled earlier this week. According to the draft deal, the UK inclination enter a backstop arrangement keeping the country inside the single peddle and the customs union to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Brexiteers make warned the lack of an “independent review mechanism” could prove to fit a loophole forcing the UK to stay in the European Union indefinitely. 

Conservative Constituency secretary Sue Conelly from Romford, East London, disgraced the proposed withdrawal deal “rubbish” and insisted it would not deliver on the demands of a adulthood of Leave voters.

Speaking to DW, Ms Conelly said: “The withdrawal agreement is bilge-water basically. It’s not what we want, it’s not what we voted for.

“We didn’t vote for a pile of idiots up in Westminster to hash the whole deal. They made a complete mess of it. That’s not the sort of Brexit we want.”

Her views appeared to be echoed across the borough, with a boyish man saying: “We want to Brexit, we want out of Europe. Just get us out.”

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Despite some young Romford voters suggesting take ones leave of would be “a hustle,” others appeared to disagree: “I find more of a better from leaving than staying.”

A woman just asked mps to “stop arguing and get on with it.”

A YouGov poll surveying 3,154 British grown-ups after the Brexit withdrawal was unveiled deal found four in ten (42 percent) check the proposal whilst only 19 percent are in favour of it. The remaining 39 percent answered ‘I don’t skilled in.’

Express.co.uk carried out an online ‘People’s Poll’ after the publication of the design agreement, showing only 6,880 respondents would support the apportion while 2,592 said they were unsure. The remaining 60,081 who deemed part said they rejected Mrs May’s draft Brexit deal. 

The Prime Woman of the cloth has been fighting for her political survival on multiple fronts as pressure mounts serve a barrage of resignations yesterday – including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Shelves Secretary Esther McVey.

Furious Tory Brexiteers dismayed at Mrs May’s traffic have called for a vote of no confidence in her leadership, with 22 MPs accepting publicly confirmed they have submitted letters.

Under Careful Party rules, 48 letters are required to trigger a vote, which could reportedly betide as early as next week.

Conservative eurosceptics and her Democratic Union Partisans (DUP) allies in Northern Ireland have all warned they will elector against it.

As things stand, Mrs May would need dozens of Labour MPs to face the whip and vote with the Government.

But Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Function has said his party will stick to its guns and reject it, insisting the engage in does not meet his six “tests”.

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