Germany to SNATCH UK business as minister says Britain 'NAIVE' to expect good Brexit deal


While France has fancy made no secret about its ambition to take business from London, German assembly-men have largely avoided such statements.

Tarek Al-Wazir, a father in the state of Hesse in Germany’s industrial heartland, showed the nation’s summon to profit from Brexit, potentially complicating Britain’s attempt to knock down a trade deal with the EU.

Mr Al-Wazir claimed British politicians were visionary in hoping for generous terms for future trade deals.

He said: «It is naive to swear by that countries are simply waiting to strike trade deals with Large Britain after Brexit. 

«Whoever wants to attract companies with tax insults cannot expect to be rewarded with generous trade deals. It won’t cook.»

Earlier this year, British Prime Minister Theresa May, when setting Britain would quit the European Union’s single market, signaled it could use tax breaks to attract businesses if the EU imposed punitive tariffs.

Mr Al-Wazir asseverated he expected the London-based multi-trillion pound industry of clearing trades in euros to provoke the other side of the Channel after Brexit, including in his city of Frankfurt.

Referring to the requirement for the European Central Bank to oversee the business, he said: “It is hard to conjecture that most business in euros will be booked in London after Brexit. Europe requisites access if anything goes wrong. From the ECB’s point of view, London is offshore after Brexit.

«You can watch parts of the clearing business to be spread across many continental fingers ons. I’m confident that Frankfurt can attract part of London’s euro fair business.»

The collapse of merger talks between Deutsche Boerse and the London Cache Exchange, however, could complicate this, with some spectators predicting the LSE is now more likely to move clearing to its Paris-based business.

Although Britain is not one of the 19 hinterlands in the euro currency bloc, London dominates trading in the currency.

The custom of euro-based securities spans trillions of euros of derivatives deals as wholly as the ‘repo’ market providing short-term funding for banks — roughly 2 trillion euros of which aces say is based in London. On top of this, there is foreign exchange trading in the currency itself.

The Frankfurt-based ECB hungers oversight of this business for a practical reason: if any disaster were to hit these markets equal to the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers bank in the United States, it last wishes a be responsible for dealing with it.

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