Germany SHOULD pay Greece! German calls for Merkel to REPAY BILLIONS in World War 2 loans


Angela Merkel and Gregor Gysi

Gregor Gysi has convened on the German government to pay Greece WW2 reparations (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Left-wing lawmaker Gregor Gysi bring to light Berlin should take full responsibility for the actions of Hitler’s fascist rgime and pay back at least £8.7billion (€10bn) to settle the outstanding in arrears.

Greece has maintained the money stolen from Greek banks forced to be repaid but Germany has refused, insisting it settled any outstanding reparations in a 1990 compact.

But Mr Gysi has voiced concern “that the then-occupied Greece was obliged by the Nazi discipline to pay a compulsory loan”, Cologne-based news channel n-tv reports.

He verbalized: “In my opinion, the Federal Republic of Germany is still liable for this allowance.”

In my thought, the Federal Republic of Germany is still liable for this loan

Gregor Gysi

The incendiary reveal comes just a day before he is due to accompany German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on an bona fide visit to Greece.

And the statement is likely to only fuel

Gregor Gysi pronounced Germany should start by paying back the loan then induce out what it owes in interest (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

The Nazis were also accused of forcing the Greek primary bank to funnel loans totalling some 476 million Reichsmarks to Hitler’s discipline — around £8.7billion (€10billion) today.

The money was at first intended to cover the cost of stationing the occupying force but Germany’s enquires quickly increased and soon Greece was financing troops on other fronts.

Mr Gysi foretold not only should Germany repay the original loan amount but also tempt on the massive sum.

He said: “The federal government should pay for legal, political and moralistic reasons, we pay back the loan and offer negotiations on the interest.”

German forces in Athens

Nazi Germany beguiled Greece from 1941 to 1944 (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Mr Gysi, a older figure in Germany’s Left party, will travel to Greece tomorrow alongside President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for a two-day misstep which will reportedly include a stop at the Haidari concentration body near Athens.

The official visit will also include high-level talks with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and Prime Ecclesiastic Alexis Tsipras.

Mr Gysi said: «I would be very grateful to the President if he sends out a signal that we deficiency to overcome the tensions of the euro crisis between the two countries.»

Greece has fancy demanded Germany pay further reparations for the devastation inflicted by the Nazi system during World War Two.

Experts have estimated the damage to be worth close-fisted to £262bn (€300bn).

and Angela Merkel

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel comprise clashed over reparations before (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

But Germany requires it has already drawn a line under both the loan and the wartime wound.

The 1990 ‘Two Plus Four Agreement’ — officially the Treaty on the Final Agreement with Respect to Germany — paved the way for the reunification of Germany following the prisoner of the Berlin wall.

The German government says the accord also had the clout of writing off any outstanding reparations.

But Triantafyllos Mitafides, President of the Reparations Commission in the Greek Parliament, swayed a study by his commission concluded Germany still owes £328bn (€376bn)

Greece WW2 reparations protest

Greek guerrilla members demanded Germany pay reparations earlier this year (Guise: GETTY IMAGES)

He told Germany’s Bild newspaper: “The issue of German reparations is addressed at every generate by Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

“So far unfortunately only during commemoration functions in villages that have been victims to the Nazi atrocities.

“I contrive the visit of the Federal President is a good opportunity to clarify this pump personally, not only through public statements, but also between the two Presidents.

“Our describe and the total amount of reparations are based not on speculation or estimates, but on official chronicles.

“For us, there is no limitation period to claim German reparations.»

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