Germany news: TWO trains crash in Duisburg leaving dozens of people injured, two seriously


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Two edifies have collided in Germany leaving dozens of people injured

The fall in Duisburg — a city in north-west Germany — has left at least 35 people affront and two in a serious condition.

One of the severely injured passengers has “a head wound” and others prepare cuts and bruises, local media reports.

The train collision supported place in the tunnel at «Auf dem Damm» station in the Meiderich quarter, which is an clandestine Stadtbahn Rhein-Ruhr station.

Pictures from the crash show an unconditional pane of glass from one of the trains smashed onto the track.

Both followings appear to have been damaged in the collision.


An ambulance is on standby in Germany after the crash Heraldry sinister 35 people injured

The emergency servicesTwitter

The emergency services arrived on the locality shortly after the train crash

The emergency services have appeared on scene to help the injured.

Pictures show that an ambulance is on standby to ease passengers.

A spokesman for the fire department told local media: “It has gone off lightly, the degree injured persons have fallen and have suffered bruising.»

A sprinkling injured passengers were initially treated by paramedics on the street out of doors the train station.

The station was closed following the crash and the train row was shut down temporarily while police probed the scene.


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