GERMANY AT BOILING POINT: Terror-hit nation sees over 1,000 attacks on migrant camps


Fewer exiles arrived in Germany in 2016 yet assaults on asylum seekers and vandalism of their homes traced at a high level.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel s rked convene protests in her home nation after more than one million transients arrived to benefit from her open door policy.

A string of shock attacks, sex assaults and attacks on German nationals prompted an outcry from right-wing aggregations which called for an end to migration.

Counter demonstrations were held and in 2015 the include of attacks rose dramatically.

On Christmas Eve, at 3:30am, explosives were dumped at a refugee camp in Haldensleben near Magdeburg by “three or four darkly smarten up men”.

Nobody was hurt but re irs will cost about a thousand euros.

The decry was only one of nearly 921 recorded by The Federal Criminal Police Occu tion (BKA) this year.

In 2015, the BKA had recorded 1,031 attacks on asylum camps.

Divers attacks were violent and some resulted in deaths of migrants.

Uncountable than 60 attacks were arson related

Complete accepts from this year are not yet available meaning they could outdo that of the previous year.

Easy registration system figures show up about 890,000 asylum seekers arrived in Germany in 2015, by the end of November of this year it was significantly fewer at fro 305,000.

Com red to 2014 there had only been 199 attacks, concurring to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Politicians from the SPD and the Greens enjoy suggested there must be a debate in rliament on action which can be infatuated on crimes related to migration.

SPD’s Eva Högl said: «This is a frighteningly s cy number. There is a need for action. People come here and desperate straits protection.

“What we can not do now is to mix up asylum policy and terrorism.»

Irene Mihalic, a spokesperson for the Unsophisticated rty, said: «The number of attacks in 2016 is striking.»

“A politicians, we hold a great responsibility with what we publicly say after such a horrendous attack as the one on the Berlin Christmas market.»

Ms Mihalic blamed right wing politicoes like CSU boss Horst Seehofer for what she called «handing keywords to the Nazi-attackers».

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