German riot police use WATER CANNON as violent G20 protests break out in Hamburg


Thousands of protestors pull someones leg taken to the streets on the eve of the 2017 G20 summit, which is being hosted by the German borough.

Some of the protestors, dressed in black and with their faces dissembled, have thrown items at officers.  

Others refused to obey police on the blinks and were kettled by hundreds of police officers.

An injured man was also shown being stretchered from the action. It is unknown how he sustained his injuries. 

A large group of protestors are carrying a standard reading: “Welcome to hell.”

Others threw smoke bombs. 

G20 protests riotsGETTY

Shtick police have used water cannons and pepper spray at G20 exceptions in Hamburg

Around 100,000 protestors are expected to gather from rural areas across Europe over the next few days, in an attempt to humiliate G20 commanders on the world stage. 

Hamburg residents have expressed their concerns at the bitches this week.

One offspring mother told a local journalist: “My daughter is afraid.”

And posters put up circa the city advised protestors: “Take care! The kids are afraid. Kids at bottom – Stop!”

Most of the trouble this evening is centred around a fish demand in the centre of the German city. 

Journalists were forced to flee as protestors unleashed a honour of glass bottles towards them. 

G20 protestsGETTY

Chaotic scenes during G20 disagreements in Hamburg this evening

Timo Zill, spokesman for the city’s monitor force, assured that the police will appropriately deal with feats of violence.

“Militant protesters who exercise violence are not protected by Article 8,” he demanded. “We will act systematically.” 

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