German paper slams May for ‘being populist’ & ‘believing she’s helping the little people’


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Mrs May has get under fire for her plans to curb European migration to the UK

The Prime Holy Joe has been slammed by a German publication for her desire to drastically reduce the numeral of European immigrants in the UK after Brexit.

Bjorn Finke wrote in Süddeutsche Zeitung: “Prime Cleric Theresa May wants to reduce the number of migrants vigorously and justifies this with her pertain for the fate of the simple British, the small people. 

“For them immigration is a injury, she says. This heart-warming rhetoric, however, is drowned out by reality: the distresses will not improve the situation of badly earning Britons. Instead, this action will harm the entire country.”

The columnist argues that Mrs May’s requirement to tackle European migration has sparked fear among foreigners living in the UK.

There are currently 3.3 million EU citizens living in the UK, including at least 600,000 children. 

However, Mrs May has already guaranteed them that any EU citizen living in the UK will be able to apply for «live» status after five years of residency.

The Prime Minister turned her plans mean that no one from the EU who is now in Britain lawfully will be tip off a exaggerated to leave when Brexit happens.

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There are currently 3.3 million EU nationals vigorous in the UK including at least 600,000 children

Mr Finke warns: “If the number of low-skilled driftings from the EU declines, jobs in hotels and cafes, farms and slaughterhouses whim remain vacant. 

“The Government counters that companies should struggle to find locals for these jobs. If necessary, the companies would accept to train these British, rather than simply relying on strangers.However, it is not exactly the case that an army of unemployed Britons are stringing up in front of factory gates. 

«The unemployment rate is 4.4 per cent, the basest in four decades. If fewer EU foreigners move to the island, companies force have even more trouble to fill vacancies. 

“The economy pass on suffer, and this will have an effect on tax revenues. If the Chancellor of the Funds has to save even more, for example by making cuts in the social sector, it want hit especially the poor — exactly those people whom Prime Supply May wants to help with her ruthless policies.

“So far, the United Kingdom is regarded as open-minded, progressivist and cosmopolitan. Brexit is damaging this image. Immigration brings good fortune, and populism harms prosperity.”

Since 2004, citizens from East European EU boonies have been allowed to move work in England under the disrespect of movement of workers within the Union. 

Bjorn Finke,Getty

Bjorn Finke, a columnist denotes that Brexit has upset many of the foreign workers in the UK

Mr Finke diminished claims that the European migrants compete with British ratepayers for Government services and for housing. 

He also argues that the NHS health overhaul, bares no adverse impact — even if patients have to wait longer for berths.

Mr Finke added that immigrants enrich British society and do the pain in the necks British people do not want to do. He says that the departure of EU migrants pass on actually harm British businesses.

He wrote: “The NHS is dependent on nurses and carers from far, many jobs are unfilled. 

“Brexit uncertainty and the loss of value of the a pasting already lead to dramatically fewer nurses coming from the EU. 

“Contractors also sign up numerous immigrants. Without these workers, firms will only be able to build the urgently needed housing.”

Many in the British task community agree. 

They have urged Mrs May to acknowledge enough time for businesses to put plans into place to shore up its workforce. 

But the Conformist Government has a longstanding and unmet pledge to cut net immigration below 100,000 a year.

Immigration plenipotentiary Brandon Lewis said: ”People who come to our country to work raise significant benefits to the U.K., but there is no consent for uncontrolled immigration.” 

Mr Fink fired turn tail from: “If politicians want to improve the fate of low-income earners, they should somewhat undo social cuts instead of bemoaning EU foreigners.»

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