German Minister confirms plans to hold 'Normandy Four' meeting on Nov. 29


France and Germany are getting a ministerial meeting of the “Normandy Four” to be held in the Belarusian capital Minsk on Nov. 29, German Imported Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said speaking in the Bundestag (German rliament) on Nov. 23.

“Concluding week, my French counter rt [Jean-Marc] Ayrault and I offered our Russian and Ukrainian counter rts to deal with again in Minsk on Tuesday,” he said. According to Steinmeier, the situation in Donbass has worsened over the st few days, whereas the number of ceasefire breaches has become large.

“Even if we are unable to achieve a breakthrough, such negotiations are necessary to change sure that the situation does not spiral out of control,” Germany’s top diplomat intended. “Even if it is difficult and the work is progressing very slowly, we should not jilt step-by-step implementation of the Minsk agreements,” Steinmeier said.

Steinmeier expressed security that his “Russian and Ukrainian counter rts assess the seriousness of the situation in a almost identical way.” “Both rties should finally make a visible contribution to the long-term settling of the conflict in Ukraine,” Steinmeier said.

Source: TASS

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