German judge tells woman to remove Islamic headscarf in court or she can’t divorce husband


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The woman has been ordered to remove her headscarf for the hearing

She was alerted she wouldn’t be able to separate from her husband if she refused.

The woman, who appeared in Germany from Syria as a refugee, wants to divorce her husband and has recorded papers at the Luckenwalde court in Brandenburg. 

The judge wrote to the woman’s lawyer to tell her against wearing traditional Islamic dress warning that there was no city for religious symbols in the courtroom. 

Civil servants and police officers have on the agenda c trick already been banned from wearing the niqab, burka or hijab or any strict symbol, but this is the first time it has been extended to members of the out of the closet. 

According to local media, the judge warned: “Religiously motivated disclosures such as headscarves are not allowed in the courtroom and during a hearing.”

A trial was set for July 27 and the principal of the bench said if the woman did not comply with his demands, the divorce resume would not be able to proceed and she could even face legal costs, according to the Andolu Agency.

The woman’s lawyer has already appealed the decision because he believes it to be unconstitutional.

Tabooing the burka has caused controversy across Europe and the garment has been embargoed in some countries.

In the Netherlands, legislation has been passed in the lower lineage of parliament to ban the wearing of burkas, helmets and face masks on public seventh heaven as well as education, healthcare and government buildings. Legislation is now set to be passed by the Senate, and if antiquated, violations could result in a fine of up to €410 (£363).


Burkinis — swimwear drafted for Muslim women — have also caused controversy in Europe

France was the beforehand European country to ban the full-veil in public spaces with a law “banning the hole up of the face in public spaces”, which came into force in April 2011.

Almost 1,500 arrests have been made over the past five years for living soul violating the burka ban.

Belgium’s burka ban is similar to the French legislation, although there are peculiarities in place for jobs where the workplace requires the face to be hidden.

In Britain, Greece, Portugal and Spain there are no laws interdicting the burka, although in some instances UK judges have refused to understand veiled women because they could not verify their distinctiveness.

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