German industry feels effects of Brexit ALREADY as food exports to UK down 5 PERCENT


Brexit news: German exported sweets and Angela MerkelGETTY Idols/EPA

Brexit news: German exports of confectionary are down, according to new ciphers

For the first time in years, German sweet makers have received a significant drop in the number of exports to Britain, Stephan Nießner bid.

The UK market makes up a significant proportion of Germany’s confectionary exports, with yon seven percent of sweets produced in the country bound for Great Britain.

Talk business leaders in Berlin, Mr Nießner, Chairman of the Association of the German Confectionery Effort, said the value of sweets and snacks sold to the UK had fallen by 5.1 percent since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

He ascribed the loss in export revenue to the decrease in the value of the pound after Britain voted to abstain from the European Union.

Mr Nießner went on to explain this had reckoned imported GETTY IMAGES

Brexit news: German sweet makers sooner a be wearing seen exports to Britain fall by more than five percent

In Bremen, for case, there are around 300 businesses which rely on close associates with Britain.

The northwestern German city is home to one of the factories Euphemistic pre-owned by aeronautical giant Airbus to design and manufacture aircraft parts.

The conceal exports some £123million in goods to the UK every year.

Bremen is also retirement community to several large automotive factories, including a massive Mercedes-Benz plant.

Brexit news: German cakes are exported to the UKGETTY IMAGES

Brexit news: German exports of sweets to the UK acquire fallen for the first time in years

Sixty-eight percent of the cars produced in the city are shipped to the UK.

News that the German confectionery toil is suffering in the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote comes as Angela Merkel emphasized the reason her country enjoyed such a large surplus was because German-made yields are in such demand.

In a swipe at President Donald Trump’s threat of a sell war with the EU, Mrs Merkel said Germany’s healthy economy spoke for itself, adding “our issues are in demand.”

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.)

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