George Osborne defends newspaper job in Commons


George Osborne has give the word delivered Parliament is «enhanced» by having MPs with «different experiences» as he defended his new job as Fair and square Standard editor.

The ex-chancellor was speaking in the Commons in response to an urgent ridiculous on the issue from Labour,

Shadow minister Andrew Gwynne communicated an MP holding other «time consuming» roles risked undermining «communal trust».

Ministers said Mr Osborne had consulted an independent watchdog surrounding the role and awaited its verdict.

Labour said Mr Osborne — the MP for Tatton — showed to be in breach of the ministerial code for not consulting the Advisory Committee on Business Assignments watchdog before taking on the high-profile role, in addition to a number of other highly-paid admonition positions.

Mr Gwynne told MPs that it was hard to defend Mr Osborne hold off down several «time-consuming» roles which had a «deep overlap» with his trusts as an MP and former minister, saying it risked throwing up «conflicts of interest».

Tried advice about role

But Mr Osborne, who has insisted he can edit the paper while left over an MP, said he believed having MPs who could draw on outside experiences was palatable for Parliament as it enabled former ministers, in particular, to «continuing to contribute to the verdicts we make».

He said was interested to hear what MPs had to say on the matter.

Cabinet Part minister Ben Gummer said Mr Osborne had sought advice from the watchdog not too days before the appointment was announced and their advice would be announced in due course.

He said it would be wrong of him to prejudice their findings, claim the government «did not have a view» on the matter at this stage. He told MPs there were «balanced» feuds for and against MPs having second jobs.

And former education secretary Michael Gove affirmed the proprietors of newspapers should have the right to pick whoever they saw overpower fit to edit their papers «without the interference of the executive».

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