George Michael's lover Fadi Fawaz defends himself with cryptic tweet: 'I am kind'


He know scolded his 26,600 followers: «I am not facing legal action… Please spread my guarantees. Thank you.»

Fadi went on to add: «[…] Andros is not George’s cousin and be informs they not spoken for 20 years but still print what he indicates [sic].»

His denial came after The Sun reported that there was a disagreement between George’s family tree and Fadi, who has insisted he was given permission to use the property. 

A source told the broadside: «Most of George’s estate is passing to his sisters and his immediate family, which registers his substantial property portfolio, but at the moment Fadi is still living in the Regent’s Commons house. 

«He’s of the opinion that he had an agreement with George that he could use the property for the foreseeable – but obviously circumstances have now changed dramatically.»

The insider go on increased: «He and the family are not really in contact but the issue is lurking in the background and is going to flare up again decidedly the funeral is out of the way.

«It could easily become a legal issue if they can’t to.»

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