General Election 2017: Susanna Reid RAGES at prospect of ANOTHER election


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Susanna Reid heavily criticised the electing results this morning

Hosting the ITV show alongside Piers Morgan, the mother-of-three frequently said she felt “quite cross” with the outcome.

As election coverage was in ample swing on Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid had just viva voce to MP Barry Gardiner when she seemed to have an epiphany as events keep oned to unfold.

“I’m in a situation now where I’m starting to feel what Barry Gardiner notes. I feel quite cross,” she said.

The 46-year-old explained her frustration that another plebiscite is imminent: “We’re in a situation now where we have a hung parliament. People cause been asked to vote over and over again and we become pygmy and less certain about where this country is heading.”

Susanna complains to PiersSG

Susanna complains to Piers about the result of the election

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Piers again asked his co-host to clarify why she was cross

We become less and less ineluctable about where this country is heading

Susanna Reid

She extended: “I feel a bit like Brenda in Bristol when she was told there was flourishing to be a general election. She said ‘no, not again’, and I feel like that.”

Also on the breakfast outshine, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage couldn’t resist respond his piece on how Theresa May has handled the election, and that it will mean catastrophic emerges for the Brexit decision. 

“The UK was on course for Brexit and suddenly we may not be. If we don’t get the kind of Brexit people endorsed for, I’ll have no choice but to throw myself back into politics,” he chafed. 

Meanwhile, viewers took to Twitter to complain about Celebrities react shock general election result


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Hounds took to Twitter to express their feelings

Twitter screenshotTWITTER

Twitter was inundated with cheesed off viewers

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Theresa May hung her head this morning as she appeared following the result

One said: “She (Susanna) does not like Piers and it’s mirthful to watch #goodmorningbritain” 

Another was furious at Piers taking over: “I’m sat here watching #goodmorningbritain and it should be styled #thepiersmorgan show. So f***ing annoying. I can’t hear what anybody says.” 

“FOR F*** Advantage STOP BUTTING IN EVERY CHANCE YOU GET #goodmorningbritain,” another angry viewer tweeted.

Whereas some human being claim that the battle isn’t even over yet: “#goodmorningbritain three back ups still to come how about #Kensington & #Cornwall, could devise a difference. @piersmorgan.”

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