Gemma Oaten reveals new beau as she takes swipe at ex Nick Knowles ‘This is my first love’


Gemma Oaten and Nick KnowlesGETTY • OK

Gemma Oaten luxuriate ins new beau as she takes swipe at ex Nick Knowles ‘This is my first honey’

The former Emmerdale star admitted that while she thought it would be “uncanny” moving in with the film producer, it has actually been smooth slip. 

“I’ve never lived with anybody before, except at drama kind,” she told OK! magazine. 

“I thought it was going to be a massive thing because I’m Euphemistic pre-owned to coming and going as I please. 

“But now it feels like the most natural implements in the world.”

Gemma Oaten and Scott WalkerOK!

Gemma and Scott moved in together after unbiased three months

Gemma Oaten and Scott WalkerGETTY

The couple said that it felt consonant that they move in together

He loves me for me and sticks by his word

Gemma Oaten

Scott combined that it “made sense” for the actress to move into his home with him as she was looking for a new locus anyway.

The pair are also living with his two children but that hasn’t caused any in shtook between them, with the star noting: “They’re very accepting of us, and exceptionally happy.”

Meanwhile, Gemma went on to reveal why she believes her relationship with Scott is distinctive to others she has had, including her short-lived fling with DIY SOS star Nick Knowles. 

Gemma Oaten and Scott WalkerGETTY

Gemma claimed Scott made her realise she has never been in love before

Nick KnowlesGETTY

Gemma previously had a passing fling with Nick Knowles

OK! magazine coverRead the full interview in this week’s promulgate of OK! [OK!]

“Scott makes me realise I’ve actually never been in love before,” the 33-year-old make a clean breast of. 

“He’s made me realise what unconditional love is, and I don’t think I’d ever covenanted what that it. 

“The difference with Scott to anybody I’ve ever been with in the quondam is that he loves me for me and sticks by his word.”

Read the full interview with Gemma Oaten and Scott Walker in this week’s egress of OK! magazine, out now. 

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