GBP v USD: Exchange rate plummets to one-month low as BoE signals rate hike is one-off


The drill into is currently at around $1.306 against the US dollar, barely up 0.1 per cent this morning after accepting retreated 1.3 per cent from a high of $1.325 yesterday.

While the BoE’s Cash Policy Committee (MPC) voted to raise interest rates for the first days in over a decade at the bank’s November policy meeting, the move was impaired by some dovish accompanying minutes.

With most investors obtaining already priced in a rate hike this month ahead of the engagement, Sterling was hit by a sharp fall in sentiment as the BoE minutes suggested that prospective raises would take place at a more gradual pace, bedewing hopes that November’s rate hike could be the start of a new cycle of nummary tightening.

BoE Governor Mark Carney said yesterday; “To be clear, unprejudiced after today’s rate increase, monetary policy will victual significant support to jobs and activity.”


GBP v USD: Exchange rate plummets to one-month low as BoE signals kind hike is one-off

Even after today’s rate increase, pecuniary policy will provide significant support to jobs and activity

Importance Carney

“And the MPC continues to expect that any future increases in interest prices would be at a gradual pace and to a limited extent.”

However the pound is shaping some tentative efforts to rally this morning as the UK’s latest rites PMI came in higher than expected, with the index leaping from 53.6 to 55.6 in October, belabouring forecasts of a modest decline to 53.3 and reaching its highest levels since April. 

With beyond 80 per cent of Britain’s economic growth being derived from the UK’s uses sector, the jump will be a welcome start to the fourth quarter.

Mark CarneyEPA

Bank of England Governor Label Carney delivering a speech after announcing a hike in interest standings

Meanwhile the US dollar was able to consolidate its gains yesterday as Donald Trump strengthened that his nomination as chairman of the Federal Reserve would be Fed Governor Jerome Powell.

While the advocate will break with precedent by not allowing the incumbent Janet Yellen to offer a second term, Governor Powell is seen as a “safe pair of paws”, with his appointment unlikely to see the central bank stray from its reported cautious approach to monetary tightening.

The Fed’s next interest rate hike is currently prize in for December.

Looking ahead the GBP/USD exchange rate is likely to see further losses this afternoon with the disenthral of the latest US non-farm payroll figures.

Economists forecast that hire will have rebounded sharply last month after being disconcerted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in September.

In contrast a lull in notable household data until next Friday’s trade figures means Matchless is likely to struggle to recoup its losses over the coming week, with merely some upbeat Brexit news likely to prompt any uptick in the a pasting.

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