Gazprom sets new record for gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream


Gazprom has poll the third record in gas supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream gas in work over the past days, reaching 165.2 mln cubic meters per day, the Russian vivacity giant said on Jan. 7.

According to Gazprom, daily gas exports via Nord Current have been increasing since the very beginning of 2017. And so, it reached 160.75 million cubic meters on Jan. 1 to go further up to 161 million cubic meters on Jan. 2, to 163.1 million cubic meters on Jan. 3, and, ultimately, 165.2 million cubic meters on Jan. 4.

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“Now the volume capacity of the Nord Course on an annual basis is 10% higher than the designed volume of the gas in work,” Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said. “It is not just a no-transit gas pipeline later on linking Russia’s and Europe’s gas transport systems, but, what is very conspicuous, it is a state-of-the-art and high-technology gas pipeline. It will ensure guaranteed Russian gas gives to Europe for decades. Nord Stream-2 will have the same improvements.”

Summing up the results of 2016, Miller told a videoconference that as of Dec. 29, 2016 Nord Tide utilization rate was 150 million cubic meters a day, or more than 100 percent of its charted capacity.

Russia gas exports have gone up after the European Commission permitted Gazprom to bury the hatchet e construct 90 percent use of the Opal gas pipeline which takes Russian gas from the Nord Flood gas pipeline. Earlier, Gazprom was allowed to use Opal to mere 50 percent. In 2015, gas reservoirs via Nord Stream stood at 39 billion cubic meters, or 70 percent of its visualized capacity.

Nord Stream-2 is expected to be commissioned in late 2019. The cooking will traverse the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. The capacity of each of its two train of thoughts will be 27.5 billion cubic meters a year. The project’s upper case expenditures are estimated as eight billion euro, and the overall cost, bewitching into account project financing, is 9.9 billion euro.

Origin: TASS

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