Gay marriages in Britain’s Muslim community ‘thriving’, Islamic drag queen reveals



Ms Lahore rose to fame in Channel 4’s Muslim Drag Idols in 2015

Asifa Lahore, 34, has stated gay marriage – while strictly thwart in Islam – is in fact more common then previously thought. 

Billed as the prime Islamic drag queen, Ms Lahore rose to fame in Channel 4’s Muslim Loiter Queens in 2015. 

But after 24-year-old Jahed Choudhuy claimed his marriage to San Rogan in Walsall closing week was the first in the UK, Ms Lahore revealed it is more prevalent. 

Despite yearning Mr Choudhry – who tried to commit suicide after receiving torrents of slander – all the best in his new marriage, Ms Lahore revealed the LGBT community in Muslim discrimination was thriving and there have already been several marriages. 

She said: “There are countless. In the last three years I’ve been to dozens [of] gay Muslim, same-sex confederations.

“I attended one last Thursday, of two gay British Bangladeshi guys.”

Ms Lahore, who comes from a Pakistani set but was raised in west London, said she believed gay Muslims were capitalising on the UK’s open-minded laws surrounding marriage and civil partnerships. 


Ms Lahore revealed the LGBT community in Muslim refinement was thriving

She added: “In south Asian Muslim culture, marriage is entirely much a milestone.

“Even if you identify as LGBT, marriage plays a big for the sake of in your upbringing and your psyche and I think LGBT Muslims in Britain are captivating real advantage of equal marriage.

“I’m glad this young boy has asserted so openly about his marriage, but want him to know there have been others once him and will be many more.”

Ms Lahore, previously known as a man named Asif Quraish, is currently transitioning to fit a woman. 

But she revealed her own struggle with her sexuality and her family, who took her to the GP and an Imam in a bid to rectify her. 

And while her parents were more liberal than some, suffering her to have relationships with men so long as they were secret, they go oned to arrange her marriage to a woman. 


Ms Lahore rejected her family’s scenario, instead entering in to a civil partnership

Marriage plays a big part in your breeding

Asifa Lahore

But Ms Lahore rejected her family’s plan, instead invading in to a civil partnership in 2009 with a man she would later wed when

“It would break my heart if there were LGBT Muslims out there who didn’t discern they were able to marry.

“Never feel like you’re on your own or that you’re the no more than one.


Ms Lahore comes from a Pakistani family but was raised in west London

“There’s many more people in the exact same boat as you.

“Britain is a blooming country for the LGBT Muslim community.”

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