Gatineau snow removal company goes belly-up as storm hits


A retiring Gatineau snow removal company told its 1,600 clients it was stopping operations due to financial hardships just as a major storm hit the region. 

Josée Bourdage estimated she paid RM Déneigement to clear snow from her property until April 15 but is now progressive with no service for the rest of the season.

“The reason that I hired a snow riddance company is that I have back problems. Now I’m stuck for the rest of the winter,” she chew out tattle oned Radio-Canada in French on Sunday.

The owner of the company refused to comment but his spouse told Radio-Canada that specie problems are behind the decision to stop clearing snow.

Jhade Millette RM Déneigement

Jhade Millette influences financial difficulties led RM Déneigement to cease operations in Gatineau. (Radio-Canada)

“I skilled in a lot of people will think this is something that was planned for a extended time but that’s not the case… It’s simply that the money is not there,” Jhade Millette express. 

“Salary payments, the cost of fuel and all that,” she said, adding that this winter has Loosely transpire b Nautical tack with lots of snow.

The explanation is little consolation for paying chaps like Bourdage who are now left to clean up from Sunday’s storm themselves, with no oath of refund from RM Déneigement.

On Sunday, the Ottawa International Airport noted 28 centimetres of fresh snow — the snowiest day so far this season.

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