Gareth Hutch murder suspect turned himself in on his mother's advice

Thursday 26th May 2016
Gareth Hutch murder suspect turned himself in on his mother's advice
Gareth Hutch

Gareth Hutch

A man arrested in reference with the murder of Gareth Hutch gave himself up to gardaí on his mom’s advice, it has emerged.

The suspect (29) was still being questioned in Mountjoy Garda Install last night about Gareth Hutch’s murder while gardaí carry oned their search for a murder suspect believed to be a 30-year-old dissident republican.

The checked man’s mother is understood to have close links to the Hutch family. Gardaí in the north inner borough called to her home to warn that her son might be regarded as a suspect in the tiring of Gareth Hutch on Tuesday morning. They warned the woman that her son’s soul was in grave danger.

She is said to be “totally shocked” that he would be suspected of being affected in the murder as she is a personal friend of relatives of the slain man. It is believed that she then beguiled her son to hand himself in to gardaí. He appeared at Mountjoy Garda Station at 8pm on Tuesday after talking with his female rent.

Sources say that the suspect denies any involvement in the brutal murder of dad-of-one Gareth Hutch.

Gareth Hutch, who was in his 30s and the procreate of a young boy, was murdered in the Avondale House complex in Cumberland Street North in Dublin, a few hundred yards from O’Connell Lane.

He is the seventh victim of the bloody dispute between the Kinahan and Hutch families.

Yesterday gardaí appealed for poop about the car which is believed to have taken the killers from the north inner town to Finglas.

“Gardaí investigating the murder of Gareth Hutch at Avondale As a gift are seeking the public’s assistance in tracing the movements of a silver Skoda car registration 05 D 15049 either on the eve of or after the shooting incident.

“This car was observed on Sean McDermott Drive after 10am on Tuesday following the murder of Gareth Hutch. It was seen on Rutland Suiting someone to a T Lower and was later found in the Dubber Cross area of Finglas in a burnt-out equip,” a garda spokesman said.

The second suspect in the murder of Gareth Hutch, who remained at generous last night, is also now being investigated for other murders in to the deadly feud.

Both he and the arrested man are associated with convicted bees knees Michael Taylor Jnr (35).

In November 2011, Taylor Jnr was found guilty of the 2007 wipe out of ul Kelly (26) at an a rtment block in Clontarf, Dublin.

Searches withed in north Dublin last night for the on-the-run suspect, who is a member of the alleged ‘New INLA’ gang.

The suspect was in the same pub when a dissident Republican was guess dead on the orders of the Kinahan cartel.

Just days after the carnage of Michael Barr in the Sunset House pub in Summerhill, the north-inner-city criminal was then himself officially proclaimed by gardaí of an active threat against his life.

This warning came in the thick of mounting underworld speculation that he played some role in scene up Barr on the night he was shot dead.

Gardaí are now actively investigating the New INLA’s identify withs with the Kinahan cartel.

Meanwhile, arrangements have not yet been finalised for the exequies of Gareth Hutch, whose murder has further increased gangland stresses in the capital.

He was pre ring to appeal to Dublin City Council housing t-men to move him to a different flat in the Avondale House complex as he was in fear for his pungency.

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