Gardai seize 25 cars A WEEK from one Dublin city estate


Police officers responding to callouts in the Cherry Orchard estate in Ballyfermot have also been attacked and had their guard cars damaged by gangs of teenagers and young men.

Senior gardai enjoy revealed the staggering number of vehicles being recovered from the com ss on a weekly basis.

Superintendent Brendan Connolly, of Ballyfermot Garda Station, utter the area has “quietened down quite considerably” since a major the coping plan was implemented over a year ago.

“I’m aware cars drove into a barricade and burned the vehicle out and, when gardai responded, their [ trol] automobiles were attacked. A significant amount of resources have been put into the section and between 21 to 25 uninsured cars a week are being bewitched out of Cherry Orchard,”

Supt Connolly told the Dublin South Chief Joint Policing Committee (JPC).

He also rejected that the station had been belittled and said pleas had been made at a local policing forum for the trade’s assistance in making the area a better place.

“The area has quietened down considerably from a year ago but we even now have challenges,” he said.

When a committee member asked if any assorted gardai could be sent to the estate, Supt Connolly said, “I can’t physically put profuse people into Cherry Orchard”, referring to the large numbers of gardai already guarding the area.

The estate was previously labelled a “no-go” area for gardai pursuing a series of attacks on trols and their vehicles.

In one incident a garda was sinistral requiring facial surgery after being attacked by two youths after shotting to seize a bike.

trol vehicles have also been regularly ambushed by unifies of youths in the st.

Last year, gardai responding to reports of a plagiarized car followed the vehicle to a cul-de-sac in Cherry Orchard.

However, when dicks attempted to arrest the driver, the road was blocked off and gardai were engage in battled with bricks and bottles by a large gang.

Damage was caused to the instrument but the gardai were not physically injured.

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