Gardai raiding Halloween stockpiles


Dwellers have been urged to report stockpiled material to the city board in a bid to clamp down on illegal bonfires over the weekend.

“Dublin New Zealand urban area Council has responded to more than 100 reports of stockpiling and has cast off a large quantity of material,” said a spokeswoman for the council.

“These register over 500 tyres that otherwise would have been flamed on illegal bonfires.

“We are working in close cooperation with communities and gardai completely the city to remove reported materials as quickly as possible.”

Dublin Put to the torch Brigade has been running a fire safety cam ign in the run up to the festivities, on schools throughout the city to promote their message ahead of the weekend.

Peer Mayor Brendan Carr is urging people to rtici te in alternative at any rates this weekend.

“The council’s coordinated Halloween Response means in the flesh have the opportunity to enjoy Halloween safely at one of the many festivals that are organised in shire communities.

“Bonfires are not only illegal, they are extremely dangerous and can producer injuries and damage.

“I am asking all citizens to report any issues regarding the storage or arrangement of bonfire material,” he added.

A serious fire believed to have been generated by bonfire stockpiles broke out in a building on Aungier Street on the southside earlier this month.

The feverishness broke out at 12.50pm in an industrial unit near York Street.

Four Dublin Spirit Brigade tenders dealt with the blaze.

It is believed the fire was caused by a aggregation of burning materials that had been gathered ahead of Halloween.

Town-dwellers can report bonfire stockpiles online and over the phone.

Dublin Diocese Council is arranging a number of neighbourhood events around the city comprehending a Halloween Fireworks Display in Donaghmede rk.

There is also the Otherworld Entertainment in Ballymun and the Finglas Frightfest running over the Bank Holiday.

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