Gardai close in on ‘menace to society’ gang after Dublin chase


The Herald can relish that, in the latest incident linked to the organised crime gang, Coolock gardai were entangled with in an early-morning high-speed chase that almost led to the arrest of some of the mob’s key designs.

The chase came to an end at a link road in Darndale at about 2.20am termination Friday, when the gangsters abandoned their silver Ford Hub car and escaped into a nearby halting site.

Gardai then searched the carrier and discovered more than €3,000 of tools that had been stolen from findings across Leinster.

No arrests have yet been made in the investigation, but it is covenanted gardai are following a definite line of enquiry.

“They got away carry on week but they won’t get away forever,” a senior source said carry on night.

“Specialist units are aware of the activities of this organised felony gang and specific operations are in place to take them down. They are a hazard to society,” the source added.

Earlier this month, it emerged that the Sightseer gang carried out 48 hours of “mayhem” targeting the construction have dealings. Power tools valued at more than €30,000 were defraud ofed in late June by the gang, which has had direct involvement in some of the most uncontrollable aggravated burglaries nationwide.

Their north Dublin bases are in the Raheny, Darndale and Coolock arrondissements and the mob consists of at least three Traveller families, which are linked by weddings.

Officers are planning to raid the homes of suspected gang members and force already “garnered intelligence” on the chief suspects and their countrywide network.

The criminals arrange targeted hotel developments mainly in north Dublin, where builders and shopkeepers stay during long-term jobs, as well as building sites in the assets.

“They waited until after midnight, then they shepherd around to hotel car parks that they could get entry to where they could see builders’ vans,” a authority said.

“They are well aware of where workmen stay and victualed an eye out. They broke into their vans and stole their high-powered gismos.

“It is understood that hotel car parks in Portlaoise, Co Laois, were also hit by the company.”

The burglars are essentially three gangs operating as one for this crime bender.

Between them, they are responsible for 90pc of power tool thefts in Leinster.’ The elder source said that, while gardai are “aware” of criminal endeavour by these individuals, “it is impossible to watch them 24/7, but what gardai resolution try and do now is bring them to justice”, the source added.

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