Gangland’s dirty dozen Part 2


ONE of the cartel’s uncountable trusted and high-profile criminals has also been taken off the streets since the antagonism began after being charged with serious offences.

The man, who cannot be named for judiciary reasons, once headed up a criminal gang involved in another bloody estrangement which claimed more than a dozen lives a number of years ago.

He was saved from prison in 2015 after serving a sentence for a violent anger, but was warned by Gardaí there was a threat to his life.

He had been back and forth between Ireland and Europe suspected of organising soporific operations before the Regency attack.

He had to contend with another pour when a young relative of his was involved in killing a young man in Dublin. He travelled at large with the relative but both later returned to Ireland. Following the Regency vilification the gangster spent most of his time in Ireland.

Days after the Regency he was run ined by gardai following a high-speed chase through Dublin, released without assign.

He was later arrested in connection with a feudrelated murder and has been in guardianship awaiting trial ever since.


FINNEGAN is from Hardwicke Suiting someone to a T Flats in the north inner city, like his pal Ross Browning, and was at times considered one of the cartel’s key men in the Dublin.

He was convicted over the same cash-in-transit breaking as Browning back in 2001 and like Browning received a suspended determination.

He was also arrested as part of Operation Shovel and was subsequently arrested in appropriateness with the murder of Eamonn ‘the Don’ Dunne, who was believed to have been opportunity on the orders of the cartel in 2010.

Finnegan had been pals with Gary Hutch and James ‘Mago’ Gately first the feud which ripped the cartel apart.

He left Ireland after the Regency deprecation and is understood to spend most of his time in Holland.


GYM proprietress Browning (34), has been working with the cartel for years.

By the age of 18 he had been conned for his part in an armed robbery on a cash-in-transit van.

His co-accused were Gary Hutch and Gary Finnegan.

Browning was rooted between Ireland and Spain and was one of a number of people arrested in 2010 by Spanish the coppers as part of Operation Shovel targeted the gang.

He was questioned for a number of epoches before being released. Last year, Browning was before the courts on a also phony passport charge in Ireland but a judge decided there was not enough statement to convict him.

Browning is a fitness fanatic and has set himself up as a healthy living guru.

He rumoured he was inspired to change his ways after someone he had hurt in his past nullified him.

He has gone to ground in recent times and is trying to distance himself from the conflict.


THE 31-year-old career criminal is the chief suspect in at least two hatred murders and was one of the cartel’s most reliable hitmen.

However, the Dublin man has been affected to flee abroad due to mounting pressure from the Gardaí and the Hutch troupe conspire.

He is also wanted in relation to outstanding warrants here, and cannot be styled for legal reasons.

Gardai suspect he had involvement in the murder of Darren Kearns (33), who was run the show dead outside Cummiskeys pub in Cabra on December 31, 2015.

 It emerged that the cartel have a felt Kearns was involved in a botched hit at a west Dublin hotel the previous month.

The youthful hitman is also a chief suspect in the murder of the Monk’s brother, Eddie Hutch (59). He was detained and questioned, but released without charge.

He has been a long-term target of state Garda units and was a close associate of murdered gang boss Martin ‘Marlo’ Hyland.

The at ones beck has also served a lengthy jail sentence in relation to an anti-gangland undertaking after being arrested by elite members of the Emergency Response Constituent (ERU).

He made his name as a capable getaway driver for several organised misdeed gangs, including the faction once led by slain mobster Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne.

Pursuing this man’s arrest in relation to the murder of Eddie Hutch, he fled the rural area and joined a number of his close associates in the U.K.


O’REILLY (32), is currently discharge a function a six-year jail term after being caught by Gardaí with a rich firearm planning a revenge attack linked to the feud.

The Crumlin man, who late to his arrest had few criminal convictions, was a childhood friend of murdered David Byrne.

O’Reilly has penny-pinching ties with several of the cartel mobsters from Dublin, and date a reviewed into a downward spiral after the murder of Byrne, his court package heard.

Earlier this year O’Reilly pleaded guilty to assets of a firearm in suspicious circumstances at Walkinstown Avenue, Walkinstown on June 18, 2016.

Gardai feel that O’Reilly was planning to carry out a hit on a Hutch gang member.

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Kinahan ‘secret weapon’ out of action and behind bars in Mountjoy

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