Gangland knife hit victim Bonzo Daniel had been warned to get out of town


Steven 'Bonzo' DanielNC

Commencements claim than Daniel was ordered out of Glasgow weeks before the cruel attack

Sources yesterday claimed Daniel — known as Bonzo — had been told to gimmick out of the city by rivals and his own family as an underworld feud grew increasingly furious. 

The 37-year-old defied the orders and instead bought himself a bullet-proof vest after a cheese-paring relative was shot outside his own home. 

It is understood the Kevlar protective vest saved his sustenance during a brutal knife attack following a car chase through the north of the New Zealand urban area early on Thursday. 

Daniel’s suggestive Skoda Octavia was rammed off the road near Junction 16 of the M8 in the metropolis’s Port Dundas area after he was pursued by two stolen cars. 

The instruments, a silver VW Golf and a black Audi S3, forced the Skoda off the road and Daniel, who ways a private hire cab firm, was assaulted and stabbed repeatedly in the face. 

The cops and an ambulance crew who attended the scene initially believed he had been blasted with a shotgun due to the size of his facial wounds. 

Police attend the scene of the crimeNC

Daniel’s blue Skoda was rammed off the road in the Harbour Dundas area of Glasgow

It has been reported Daniel — whose mummy, Annette is a jailed professional shoplifter — lost an eye in the attack. 

He knew the imperils but chose to get a Kevlar vest

Associate of Bonzo

But this has been recanted by relatives and close associates of his late uncle, heroin dealer Jamie Daniel, the managing director of the organised crime family who died last July from cancer. 

One associate required: «Bonzo was told to get out of Glasgow. He was warned things were getting too hot and that he was on a end list. 

«He knew the risks but chose to get a Kevlar vest and brazen it out. That dropped well for him, didn’t it? 

The crashed carsNC

Bonzo reportedly lost an eye during the attack but was conserved by his Kevlar vest

«He is in a bad way and could have been killed. His face is rotten, but no one in the family knows anything about him losing an eye. 

«There is damage. A lot of bill. He has a very sore face.» 

Detectives discovered the VW and Audi dumped and torched at strange locations within hours of the attack, which is being treated as assault murder. 

They believed the stabbing is linked to a string of shootings in and about Glasgow related to a feud between the Daniel crime family and equals from a number of gangs.

The attack is also being linked to the plug of two men outside schools, the execution of a drug dealer, a failed murder bid on a postpositive major Daniel family member and the mowing down of a taxi and loan constant boss who lost both legs. 

Detective Chief Inspector John Kennedy reported the attack was «targeted» and appealed for anyone with information to come remit. 

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